Great Window Treatment Ideas


You may feel challenged in terms of adding some decorative touches which truly pop. Well, window treatments could be a way in adding innovative designs as well as unusual flair for your interior space. Below are a number of ideas when having window fashions NY and treatments:

1. Natural Materials

Think of having an approach that is more natural for your window treatment. Wood is an excellent natural treatment that provides privacy while showing off that natural and casual texture as well. A bamboo shade is functional, but also gives the consumers with a satisfaction of being environment-friendly. Some other choices in those natural materials are sisal, grass and jute that are available in various colors to suit any decorating schemes.

2. Luxury Fabrics

Well, there is nothing more stylish than luxury fabrics on windows. Conventional fabrics would exude luxury as well as remain great looking for many years. Consider suede, damask, silk and velvet for draperies and curtains. These materials would make a great statement without a need for intricate styles and fancy designs. You may push such fashion trends on the top while adding some showy embellishments. Beaded tassels, shimmering crystal trimming or ornate hardware will absolutely the center stage of a room.

3. Simplicity

Keeping the lines simple would resonate with a lot of people. Forget those excess fabric as well as loud color. Rather, select fabrics in monochromatic color schemes or muted palette. Simple Roman shades which unfold or fold up in covering the whole window would offer essential light control as well as room privacy. A room would feel instantly sleek and contemporary when you select such motorized shades NYC treatments.

4. Daring Statement

When you want to incorporate some bold energies to a room, well you could easily carry this out with your choices in treatments. Opt for wide stripes and loud prints for draperies. You can match the colors together with the room and you’ll have an instant fashion statement. Why not try those large scale geometric patterns, funky stripes and floral. You could mix and match any combinations of these styles for an even more innovative living space.

5. Creative Hardware

Even when you choose a traditional fabric, you’ll still be capable of setting off your room with an unusual hardware. Rather than a basic curtain rod over the glass, opt for big medallions lining up in one row. Big finials could also serve such purpose. When you want a fashionable contrast, you could hang a tie-tab sheer curtain from the hooks of wrought iron drapery in your ceiling.

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